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Good Things Take Time.

Slow down and enjoy the experience.
With 45 years of combined experience, our pitmasters created Burnt just like they craft our delicious Brisket, with love, intention, and a nice slow smoke.
Welcome home.

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Smoked to Perfection.

Mouth watering Texas brisket.  Kosher ribs. Perfectly seasoned chicken.
Smoking meat is labor intensive.  And, for us, it’s a labor of love. Smoking is an art that comes with experience. We’re setting the table with love, experience, and art to give you eclectic smoked cuisine that is sure to keep you comin’ back.

Intentionally crafted.

Our relaxed atmosphere, full bar, and welcoming staff encourage you to take a load off. Burnt is crafted to be a place we can all come to recover; where we come back to the basics of cooking and back to ourselves. Grab a beer, a bite, and enjoy.

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